How healing breakup pain builds self-esteem and joy to love again

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HealingCourse Summary

Learn why releasing the pain of the past is so difficult. You’ll learn strategies to make letting go easier.


Everyone has been hurt in relationships. Few people are able to let that pain go so they can move on with their lives without the past mudding their joy.

People have a tendency to get caught in their anger and pain after they’ve been hurt. There are mental, emotional, and physical reasons why it is difficult to release this pain.

One area that can make it difficult to release the past is the misunderstanding of what forgiveness is. People often think forgiveness absolves the other person of anything that happened. You’ll discover this is incorrect.

Strategies and exercises to release the past range from recognizing your personal power, nurturing yourself, changing your thoughts, and discovering how to manage your feelings

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why forgiveness is crucial to your mental, emotional, and physical health
  • How childhood beliefs can interfere with releasing the past
  • You have the power within you to release the past
  • Forgiveness brings freedom
  • Strategies to assist you in forgiving and letting go.


Are there requirements or prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course. It’s open to anyone who desires to know more about how to release the pain of the past.

Your success in this course depends on your ability to put the information into action. The information is simple, but understanding the information is insufficient. You have to be willing to do the exercises and implement the strategies in your life.

What benefits will I receive from this course?

  • You’ll learn why releasing the past is difficult and what you can do to make it easier for yourself.
  • You’ll learn the emotional, mental, and physical causes of your pain.
  • You’ll discover misconceptions about forgiveness.
  • You’ll receive specific strategies and exercises to assist you in letting go of your pain and moving forward toward the life you want.

Is there a particular audience this course is geared toward?

This course is geared toward those who are tired of hurting from broken relationships, betrayals, and loss and are ready to take action to release that pain.

Course Introduction

Course Intro

Module 1 - Why It’s So Hard to Let Go of the Pain

Understanding What Happens Emotionally
1 hour

When you've been hurt by someone, there is more to the pain than "just" the one event. Emotions are a mish-mash of what has happened in the past, your pain in the present, your fears of the future, and your interpretation of what the event means about you.

Understanding What Happens Physically

Not only do your emotions from similar past wounds combine with your most recent hurt, your body has chemical reactions which make releasing the past difficult. Your emotions trigger parts of your brain and the body's stress response increasing the difficulty.

Understanding What Happens Mentally

Now that you know what happens emotionally and physically when you've experienced the deep pain of loss, it's time to look at what happens with your thoughts and how you process information.

Daily affirmations
Module 1 Reflection and Summary
Module 1 Quiz
9 questions

Module 2 - Understanding Forgiveness

What Forgiveness Is

Now that you know that forgiveness isn’t about spending time with toxic people or giving away your power, it's time to look at what forgiveness is.

Very simply, forgiveness is FREEDOM.

What Forgiveness Is Not

The emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and chemical nature of your body make it difficult to release the past, to forgive. The memory of what happened will be with you. The key to healing is releasing the anger and resentment surrounding the event.

Module 2 Reflection and Summary
Module 2 Quiz

Healing Strategies

You are powerful – recognise it
Changing Behavior
Align Your Beliefs to Releasing Pain
Think your way to Freedom and happiness
Module 3 Summary and Reflection
Module 3 Quiz

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